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Urban: SPRITE Hard Style | Rolling Session, 13 septembrie
12 September 2008
SPRITE Hard Style | Rolling Session
sambata 13 septembrie 2008 @ Sketepark Herastrau
starting: 3:00 PM

Sprite va cheama la ultimul concurs din seria Sprite Hard Style, cel mai tare contest de rolling din Romania, si anume Rolling Session. Pe 13 septembrie, de la ora 3:00 PM, in Skate Park Herastrau (langa terasa Baraka).

Rolleri romani si mai ales grei internationali se vor da in spectacol in fata voastra. In concurs vor participa 3 echipe:

  • Team Razors: Chaz Sands, Frazer Watson, Stefan Hornacher, Mathias Silhan, Julien Cudout.
  • Team Hedonskate: Nick Lomax, Adam Zurawiecki, Piotr Combrzynski, Nils Jansons, Bartlomiej Zgrzeblak, Jakub Olejarz, Mateusz Kowalski, Przemyslaw Madej, Radoslaw Kojtych.
  • Team Grindhouse: Daniel Prell, Matthias Ogger, Mathias Silhan, Bruno Lowe, Ricardo Lino, Avichai Wechsler.

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