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08 September 2007
"Shaft. Jimi Hendrix. Sly Stone. Before these great men, black people often tried to make their hair look like white people's. Malcolm X called those who straighten their hair - `a step towards self-degradation`. How can you straighten Funk? Jazz? Hip Hop? It seems crazy now. The afro represents soul and pride. It's the ultimate statement of who you are. As far as statement go it's one that's hard to ignore."
"Dreadlocks are not just a hairstyle, they are a statement. A statement by holy men in India who reject the material world and care nothing for physical appearance (and in turn are worshipped by millions for it). They are a statement made by environmental activists who fight for the very planet itself. And they were a statement made by the late, great Bob Marley. A statement that, along with his music, spread out to the whole world. Great dreads take years to achieve, as do great principles, and great dreams. But there's no reason you can't start on both today."
"Punk didn't emerge. It exploded. Ground Zero was Malcolm McLaren and his Sex Pistols. To him, culture wasn't to be revered, it was to be challenged, shaken, thrashed. He said - `I heard the music of The Velvet Underground. They made great music - without being any good at playing music. It gave me hope. Grab a guitar. Slash a chord. Slash another. There, you have a band. Now go change the world`".
  • Iata o campanie de print totalmente inedita, pentru gel-ul de par HEAD UP, si care se concentreaza in jurul motto-ului `A lot to live up to`. Pe langa realizarea grafica interesanta, mesajele scrise care se ascund in fiecare frizura (vezi caption sub fiecare foto) sunt vorbe de duh marete, menite sa sublinieze statement-ul socio-cultural pe care il poarta fiecare dintre cele 3 tipuri de tunsori.

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